Developing A World-First Hydrogen Fuel Cell That Will Transform The Global Vehicle Market And Provide A Pathway To Decarbonisation

fuel cell technology

Who We Are

Titan Hydrogen was founded by pioneers who are developing a fuel cell that will lead to the decarbonisation of the transport industry. Our revolutionary technology will increase the capacity of fuel cells by up to 60%, which will dramatically reduce cost of ownership and greatly expand a vehicle’s driving range.

The company’s science-driven ethos means we are well placed to develop a hydrogen-based fuel cell that will transform the market and lead to the decarbonisation of the transport industry. 

Our Fuel Cell Technology

We are working towards the developing an industry-leading fuel cell enhancement system. Our unique technology addresses two major challenges facing the sector — cost and compliance.

The patent-pending fuel cell l is revolutionising the market by improving efficiencies by up to 60%, making carbon-free vehicles cheaper to run, while also increasing their driving range. Once this world-first technology is commercialised, we will see a quick global uptake of hydrogen fuel cells.

fuel cell technology

Investment Highlights

Integrated Hydrogen Solutions.

Early entry into the hydrogen fuel cell industry anticipated to reach a value of US$16.5 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 43.8% .

Unique fuel cell development with patent pending on a world-first technology set to redefine a transport market worth US$8.9 trillion.

Large contracts and lucrative opportunities are expected for businesses that can commercialise their operations in the next five years.

Partnership with Queensland University of Technology who are supporting the development of the technology.

Dramatic reduction in total costs of ownership for fuel cell vehicles and significantly less hydrogen is required for vehicles for distance travelled.

Net zero emissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Titan Hydrogen has a pending patent application for its innovative hydrogen fuel-cell conversion technology. This will enable the rapid adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles, cutting costs for consumers and reducing emissions.

Hydrogen and oxygen can be used to generate electrical energy an electric motor or battery can runoff. In fuel cell technology, a process known as reverse electrolysis occurs, where the hydrogen reacts with oxygen to power the engine.

The fuel cell mechanism uses an electrochemical reaction instead of combustion to produce energy. Hydrogen and oxygen are combined to create water, heat and electricity.

The advantages of fuel cell technology are limitless:

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