E Fuel Cell

Titan Hydrogen E Fuel Cell Technology

Titan is focused on developing Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell with unmatched performance on efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

Advantages of Titan Fuel Cell Technology:

E Fuel Cell

Titan Hydrogen E Fuel Cell is improving current fuel cell efficiency by up to 60%.

Overpotential Resulting

Titan Hydrogen Focuses On Overpotential Resulting From Poor Mass Transport Within The Fuel Cell's Gas Diffusion And Catalyst Layers.


By Applying Advanced Nano-Technology, The Cell Components Are Re-Engineered To Improve The Access Of Reactant Species To The Active Triple-Phase Regions Within The Fuel Cell.

fuel cells genrator

Use of fuel cells to generate power from stored renewable energy, enabling long-term storage to be cost-competitive with battery storage.

less hydrogen

Significantly less hydrogen is required for vehicles for distance travelled.

fuel cell vehicles

Dramatic reduction in total costs of ownership for fuel cell vehicles.

hydrogen Power Generation

Game-Changing Use Of Stored hydrogen For Power Generation.

Challenges Titan Hydrogen
Fuel Cell Overcomes:

  • Poor efficiency of existing low-temperature fuel cells arises because of insufficient proton conductivity in the membrane, high ohmic resistance in the cell components, activation overpotential of the electrocatalysts, mass transport losses, and internal currents/fuel crossover.
  • Many fuel cell researchers have focused on improving the catalysts in PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cells. They aim to reduce both the activation overpotential and precious metal content of the catalysts or eliminate it, reducing cell costs.
hydrogen fuel cell technology

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