Titan Hydrogen announces fuel cell breakthrough

100 watt PEM fuel cell and controller used to test Titan Hydrogen's novel design.
Titan Hydrogen, a leading innovator in fuel cell technology, is excited to announce the commencement of testing for a groundbreaking technical breakthrough.
After a successful 12-month period of lab trials on single PEM fuel cells, Titan Hydrogen has commenced testing a commercial fuel cell stack employing a novel class of polymer-inorganic composite nano-materials, which has the potential to provide an economically viable avenue to enhancing fuel cell performance.
Under the guidance of Dr Andrew Dicks, the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, the new material is currently being synthesised at the Queensland University of Technology. The primary objective is to optimise the design and achieve peak performance. Once this milestone is reached, the testing will be scaled up to real-world conditions.
The nano-material offers a cost-effective design for manufacturers to build fuel cells, which will allow Titan Hydrogen to address one of its biggest challenges in the fuel cell industry — economic barriers in production.
This advancement represents a significant step forward for Titan Hydrogen, as it creates an avenue for commercialising its fuel cell technology.
Given this, Titan Hydrogen is on track to deliver a patented technology that has the potential to increase fuel cell efficiency by 40-60 per cent. Once successful, this will position Titan Hydrogen’s product as one of the best-performing solutions on the market. Titan Hydrogen will be sharing the results with the public in the coming weeks.
Stack operating with a load of 20 watts (halogen lamps).
100 watt PEM fuel cell and controller used to test Titan Hydrogen's novel design.

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