Hydrogen Hybrid

The Future Is Hydrogen

Titan has the technology to improve the efficiency of existing internal combustion engines through their hybrid conversion kit. In addition, through Titan’s hydrogen injection, they can extend engine life as well as dramatically reduce pollution and fuel consumption.

hydrogen cars

The Advantages of Titan Hydrogen’s Hybrid Combustion Engines:

Hydrogen engines

Hydrogen engines can be used for buses, cars, trucks, ships, trains, forklifts and a lot more.

Hydrogen car

State-Of-The-Art Hydrogen Injects Hydrogen Into Diesel Vehicles Without Replacing The Engine.

fossil fuels

By injecting hydrogen into diesel-powered vehicles, fossil fuels are burned more completely, resulting in a 45 per cent reduction in negative greenhouse gas emissions.

zero Emission

Emission reductions of up to 30%.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency gains above 20%.

hydrogen fuel

Short term payback for adopters of 18 months or less.